Constantin Gavrilete

Hi, I am Constantin, co-founder of MyMundus. I studied Software Engineering and Internet Computing at Vienna University of Technology.

Feel free to explore my online portfolio.

c [.] gavrilete [at] gmail [.] com


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ZuZu - Zusammen Zuhause

Your direct channel to your municipality through your smartphone.

You have seen a broken street lamp or a trash can in your neighborhood not being emptied? With ZuZu you can create a report with pictures, description and GPS coordinates which will go directly into the mailbox of your mayor to be taken care of.


A market place for assets of your failed startups

7 out of 10 startups fail! If you fail, your hard work is still not in vain. On you can sell your assets such as your user base. People are willing to pay you real cash for sharing your experience and insights in your market.


A crowd sourced lived voice translation app.

Let's say we are at an event like the Launch Festival. With Transnorris, the audience can live-translate the speaker's voice into any language they understand better. The speaker talks into her microphone as usual, the audio gets streamed to translators worldwide who translate the presentation in realtime and stream the result back to the audience. As a listener you just need a smartphone and earbuds to run Transnorris and enjoy live voice translation.

A top 14 project out of 300 participating teams.



MyMundus helps you finding those websites you forget to bookmark.

It is a browser extension which tracks on which sites you surf on and how much time you have spent there. So it can determine which information is important to you and which is not.

All your data remains on your device. Full privacy guaranteed.

Founders' Navigator

Founders Navigator is a scientific research tool, which helps founders benchmark their ventures against fellow entrepreneurs and retrieve other important information about institutions in the Austrian and European ecosystem.



MusicLogg is a place where musicians can keep a log of their practices, collect material from all over the web and thereby create and online diary of their musical career.


TileAfrica is an iPad game in which the user can create nice looking mosaic images out of single satellite images of the surface of our planet.

The purpose of this game is that the classification process of satellite images gets crowdsourced.